We Are Not Bound by Laws, but by God's Grace

The Law, a weight so heavy and so true
Can neither save a sinner, nor make one new
It brings to light our wickedness and sin
But cannot bring justification, within

It's not the law that makes us clean and bright
But only Christ, who suffered in the night
He met the demands of the law with His death
And brought us to God, with every breath

We are not bound by laws, but by God's grace
Free from the yoke of bondage, that's our place
We seek to please the Lord, not out of fear
But love for Him, that brings us ever near

He is our wisdom, righteousness, and peace
Our sanctification, redemption, and release
The love of Christ constrains us, day by day
To honor Him, in all that we say and pray

We're not bondmen under laws, but sons of grace
With love for God, our motivation and base
We seek to obey, not for reward or threat
But to please the Lord, with every step we take and breath.

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