The Anonymity of Service, with No One to Know

While the rich give with much that is little,
A widow drops in her mites, so brittle.
Jesus sees her by the temple's door,
This woman with her small, sacrificial store.

Her gift goes unnoticed by many a man,
But to the eyes of Christ, it's all that she can.
Are we willing to give without recognition,
To sacrifice our time and resources without concession?

We long for validation, a story to be heard,
For others to affirm us, to be seen, not blurred.
Society tells us to promote ourselves with pride,
But this leads to destruction, where love can't reside.

The scriptures are clear, pride must give way,
To humility and service, in the Lord's display.
Moses, Jacob, John, the Centurion all say,
"I am not worthy," with humbled hearts each day.

It's time to remember the way of the cross,
To do small things with love, without fame or concern of loss.
The anonymity of service, with no one to know,
Is the way to live for Christ, where love continues to grow.

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