A False Pretense

Are you just pretending, with a Gospel knowledge in your head?
Spouting out the truth, with your conceited heart instead. 
With the right words, you can fool the crowd,
But deep down inside, the truth remains shroud.

It's not enough to study and to pass,
The Gospel's love in Christ, you must truly grasp. 
Believing in the truth, from the heart and soul,
That's what sets a believer apart, as true and whole.

I've known some men, with a zeal so bright,
But when the going gets tough, they take flight.
Their knowledge was for show, for the world to see,
And when the time came, their faith was just a fleeting memory.

A puffed-up man, with a conceited heart,
With envy, strife, and cruel remarks,
He cannot bear to lose, to be second-best,
And with a constant urge, to prove himself the best.

But a believer's heart, is filled with love,
With joy, peace, and blessings from above.
They do not seek to compete, to prove their worth,
Their faith is simple, and based on truth learned in the new birth.

So examine closely, the preacher's words,
And look for the fruit, that the Spirit has spurred.
And while they may speak the truth, with a false pretense,
The true believer, will have the fruit of love, and faith immense.

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