The Gospel Unboxed!

A gospel claimed in grace, sovereign and true
Confessed by many, yet beliefs may differ too
One says you're saved, the other takes it back
Conditions imposed, a formula to track

The internet is buzzing, voices rise and fall
A line of reasoning, leading souls to stall
"You must repent of your dead works, prove it true"
A deadly twist, a fake gospel brew

Freewillers say "Accept the gift, be saved"
While some sovereign grace folks say "Admit, be brave"
Two formulas, two paths, both in a box
A powerless god, limited by their locks

The fear sets in, what if I can't follow through?
No assurance given, what will I do?
But oh the joy, the Gospel unboxed!
No secret formula, nothing to be dropped

Christ is our all, our hope and our guide
Not bound by false doctrine, and formulas denied
A blessed privilege, to know Him and love
Intimacy with Christ, from heavens above

Let us turn away from all sugar waters, false and sweet
And cling to Christ, our only hope, our only treat
"Foul, I to the fountain fly, wash me, Savior, or I die"
For in Him alone, our salvation does lie.

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