I've Found my Sweet Release

Raised in and out of churches,
Of different beliefs and creeds,
The differences in preachers,
Are what my heart now heeds.

The calling of the typical leader,
Is through school and knowledge sought,
But for the Grace preacher,
It is God's hand that has brought.

Fancy degrees don't matter,
Nor titles or worldly fame,
For the Grace preacher, it's the love of Christ,
That sets their heart aflame.

The message of the religious minister,
Is often about what we must do,
But for the Grace preacher, it's about Christ,
And His sacrifice for me and you.

If Christ is not the focus,
In every sermon that's heard,
Then run from that place,
For it's Christ's voice that is blurred.

The response of the religious leader,
Is about the individual's choice,
But for the Grace preacher, it's about God's sheep,
And their hearts that hear His voice.

Salvation is not earned,
It's a gift given by grace,
For only those whom Christ redeemed,
Will see and believe His face.

Raised in and out of churches,
My heart now rests at peace,
For in the Gospel of Free Grace,
I've found my sweet release.

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