It's Not About the Day We First Believed

It's not about the day we came to believe,
Nor the moment we fell to our knees,
It's not about the words we said in prayer,
Or the works we thought would get us there.

It's not about the church we once called home,
Or the rituals we performed alone,
It's not about the doctrines we once believed,
Or the struggles we faced and tried to relieve.

For in the end, it all comes down to this,
The simple truth we can't dismiss,
It's about Christ and His sacrifice,
The love that led Him to pay the price.

No matter when we came to see the light,
Whether in darkness or in plain sight,
We all have one thing in common, you see,
We believe in the Gospel and its guarantee.

And as we walk this narrow path,
We don't need to worry about the past,
For our salvation is in Christ alone,
And His love for us has always been shown.

So let's focus on what truly matters,
The Cross, the Blood, the One who shatters,
All the lies and false religion we've known,
And brings us to a place we can call home.

Let's grow in grace and in knowledge too,
Patient with others, as He is with me and you,
And as we live each day, let's be sure,
That our calling and election are secure.

For it's not about the day we first believed,
But the faith we hold and the Savior we receive,
And as we look to Him, our hearts will sing,
In light of His glory and grace, everything.

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