The Thief, a Testament to Grace

A thief, a man of sin and shame,
On the cross, he bore the blame.
No church clothes, no pious guise,
No works to merit paradise.

No baptism, no tongues of fire,
No mission trips to spread the choir,
No offerings of wealth or time,
No confirmation, yet still he climbed.

The cross he hung, unable to kneel,
No sinner's prayer, no holy appeal,
But one belief, the thief held true,
That Christ was who He claimed to be, no other view.

No theologians' words or spin,
No shining lights, no ego within,
No miracles seen or pictures drawn, 
Just faith alone, his heart shining strong.

For God so loved, He gave His Son,
And through belief, salvation's won.
No matter what we've done or lack,
In Christ alone, we find our track.

The thief, a testament to grace,
A glimpse of God's unending chase,
A reminder of His love profound,
That through faith alone, we're heaven-bound.

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