Children of Wrath They Say with Glee

Once lost in lust and dark desire,
We were the children of God's ire,
Fulfilling flesh and worldly mind,
Our souls in chains, our hearts confined.

But in His mercy, rich and wide,
God loved us still, though we did chide,
His grace and love a shining light,
That brought us out of darkest night.

Yet some may argue, with great might,
That we're not justified in His sight,
Until we come to saving faith,
And leave behind our sinful wraith.

They point to Ephesians two, verse three, 
"Children of wrath," they say with glee,
But they ignore the very next line,
That shows God's love for us divine.

For in His mercy, rich and true,
He loved us then, and loves us anew,
His grace abounds, His love outpours,
And lifts us up, forevermore.

So let us not be quick to judge,
Or argue from a narrow sludge,
But let us seek His love and light,
And shine it forth with all our might.

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