When We're Hurt by the Ones We Hold Dear
When the wounds are deep and the pain is strong,
And the ones we love have done us wrong,
We may feel like victims, lost and alone,
Wondering why we've been hurt to the bone.
But in the scriptures we can find,
Words of comfort for our troubled mind,
For even Joseph, betrayed by his kin,
Found a way to forgive and let love in.
And Paul too, with his chains and strife,
Found joy in the preaching of Christ's life,
Counting all things loss for the sake
Of knowing Jesus, his soul's true stake.
So when we're hurt by those we hold dear,
Let us remember that God is near,
And though we may not see the good,
We can trust in Him, as we know we should.
For He is sovereign, and in control,
And He will heal us and make us whole,
And though we may not understand,
We can rest in His loving hand.
So let us meditate on His word,
And let our hearts be truly stirred,
To forgive and love, and let go of hate,
Knowing that in His plan, all is great.
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