The Youthful Zealot's Quest
What drives the youthful zealot's quest,
To hunt the heretic with such zest?
Why don't we see the ladies partake,
In this intellectual blood sport they make?
They claim regeneration as their own,
But hunting heretics is what they've sown.
False doctrines and heretics they denounce,
But do they build up or only pronounce?
Puffed up in pride and intellectual might,
They display their "kills" as if in sight.
A bigger named individual, a greater prize,
Their theological blood sport they idolize.
But do they truly know the Gospel they defend,
Or is their hunt for heretics just a trend?
I hope they don't forget, in their quest for knowledge and fame,
To love God's people and make Christ's name their aim.
Topics: Brandan's Poetry
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