The Many Facets of Justification
As time goes on, I've learned to see
The many facets of justification, you see
From God's perspective, it starts in eternity
Where His will to justify His people has always been free
He loves His people, we understand
In His eyes, we're already complete and grand
For God sees all things, from start to end
And in His mind, we were justified, my friend
Then Christ came, walked on earth's floor
His death and resurrection, our souls He bore
For all believers, this is justification's pinnacle
And we obtain salvation from Christ alone, the miracle
At conversion, justification we receive by faith
It brings peace to our conscience, assurance in place
It's not our faith, but Christ on the cross
The object of our justification, without any loss
On judgment day, we'll be declared righteous before all
A day of glory, we'll answer the call
To inherit the kingdom, from the start prepared
And receive the crown of righteousness, God's love shared
These are the different views, the aspects of truth
Of God's justification, that we hold with proof
May we always remember, in all we do
That our justification is found in Christ alone, forever true.
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