Misunderstood and Accused of Deceit

Misunderstood and accused of deceit,
My beliefs are called anti-evangelical,
Yet they're based on a love so complete,
A Gospel of grace that's truly biblical.

They say my evangelism is lacking,
But they don't see the truth of my faith,
That God's love for His own is unchanging,
And salvation comes through His saving grace.

They confuse the Gospel with soul-winning,
An unscriptural understanding of the Word,
Their methods are rooted in deception,
And lead to false conversions, it's quite absurd.

I proclaim the good news of Christ,
The Gospel of grace that's already done,
For those who believe in Him are already saved,
Written in the Book of Life, before the world begun.

I won't use fear or manipulation,
To coerce someone to a profession of faith,
For only God can bring them to salvation,
And it's not a decision they can make.

I am called a free grace predestinarian,
And I know the truth of the Gospel so sweet,
And I'll continue to share it with all who will listen,
For in Christ alone is true joy complete.

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