Upon the Earth, a Tale of Woe
Upon the earth, a tale of woe,
A vision dark as night unfolds,
Two fearsome beasts, their power grows,
The Lamb, our hope and strength, behold!
From sea and land, the monsters rise,
As nations crumble in their wake,
Their aim to crush the Church of Christ,
Yet in His grace, we stand unshaken.
The Lamb, slain from the world's foundation,
A testament to God's eternal plan,
His blood, the price of our salvation,
A beacon guiding every weary man.
In days of darkness, lies, and strife,
False prophets spread their twisted creed,
But in our hearts, the truth of life,
The Lamb's own voice we recognize and heed.
Though all that dwell upon the earth,
Shall worship at the beast's command,
The Lamb's elect, of sacred worth,
Shall find their refuge in His sovereign hand.
In the Book of Life, our names inscribed,
A testament to love and grace,
The Lamb's protection, our surest guide,
In His embrace, we find our resting place.
For chosen ones, the Lamb has bled,
And through His blood, our sins erased,
His sacrifice, our daily bread,
In Him, we stand, forever safe and graced.
Through endless trials, we shall endure,
As conquerors in the Lamb's great name,
His love, eternal, strong and pure,
Our hope, our strength, our victory proclaimed.
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