Even the Discomfort

In realms of might, where the Sovereign stands,
No need for mortal to defend His plans,
He who molds the world with divine hands,
The Creator, Shaper, the Almighty spans.

In His acts of righteousness, none contest,
For He, the law giver, knows what is best,
From beginning to end, His pleasure invests,
A world unfolding, His decree manifests.

No need for defense, the faithful perceive,
In God's sovereignty, they humbly believe,
Yet some may falter, as they try to achieve,
A justifier's role, in what He conceived.

Before time began, His choice was made,
Salvation and damnation, by His will displayed,
Not for good or bad, His plan was laid,
But for His pleasure, the ransom paid.

The potter and clay, His power reveals,
One vessel for honor, the other truth concealed,
His wrath and mercy, in balance He wields,
To show His glory, His plan unpeels.

Tremble in reverence, speak the truth whole,
Even the discomfort, let His story unroll,
For in His sovereignty, we find our soul,
In the Almighty's hands, eternally console.

Topics: Brandan's Poetry
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