In Shadows of Duality

In shadows of duality, we wander and we strive,
A mystery to ourselves, the war within alive.
We seek the good, the love, the grace, but evil finds us too,
A paradox, a twisted dance, forever to pursue.

Warmth and cold, the changing tide, within our very core,
Exalting self, then brought down low, upon the humbled floor.
A heart that longs for heaven's touch, yet clings to worldly treasure,
Our souls entwined in conflict, seeking balance in this measure.

Oh mystery, the puzzle of our mortal, fickle state,
A blend of wisdom, folly, and desires we navigate.
We press ahead with hopeful hearts, yet lag in hesitation,
A paradox, a battle waged, within our own creation.

Two natures locked in strife, within one bosom dwell,
A duality so deep, no words could ever tell.
As carnal thoughts and grace collide, the war within us waged,
We sink in self-abasement, by our vileness, we're engaged.

Yet through the darkness, light emerges, Jesus' love appears,
The more we see our tainted selves, the brighter He endears.
The mystery of heaven's realm, a paradox unveiled,
In this eternal struggle, may love's grace always prevail.

Topics: Brandan's Poetry
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