Speak Evil of No Man

In a world where words can wound, and the peace we seek,
A question asked, a method to help keep us meek.
With many paths to tread, one answer we find,
In Titus 3:2, a wisdom to remind.

"Speak evil of no man," Paul's guidance clear,
For names and reputations, to hearts held dear.
A tender topic, character we must not smudge,
For retaliation comes when one bears a grudge.

Disagreements may arise, as men part ways,
Yet peace endures, through the haze of days.
But speak ill of a man, his honor at stake,
And the fragile peace, you're bound to break.

Let our speech pass through doors of three,
A gentle check to guide our speech, set it free.
Ask first, "Is it true?" and ponder awhile,
Lest words ill-spoken, friendships defile.

Next, question "Is it kind?" as kindness we prize,
A balm to soothe, a bridge 'twixt the wise.
Lastly, "Is it necessary?" the final test,
For idle chatter can stir up a nest.

Hold these keys to speech, and you'll find,
Peace and friendship with most of mankind.
In wisdom and kindness, with care let us speak,
For the bonds we create are not for the weak.

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