Holy Trollers

In the realm of digital discourse, where words take flight,
Holy trollers reign, turning faith into a fight.
With every keystroke, they transform the online space,
Their virtual battleground, a most unholy place.

The Prophet, quick to condemn and shame,
Relishes the thought of foes engulfed in fiery flame.
With threats of hell and worms to feast upon their sin,
They cast away all hope for feeding the soul within.

Yet some have learned the art of arguing with grace,
Not seeking to condemn, but understanding to embrace.
With patience and with kindness, they choose a gentler way,
For changing minds and hearts requires more than just display.

The Brawler enters boldly, fists raised and ready to brawl,
No care for souls or feelings, just a need to see them fall.
To argue like this one, take note of Jesus' style,
For with stories, care, and empathy, He caused hearts to smile.

The Atheist, well-read and armed with logic sharp and clear,
Too often falls to caricatures, and bitterness severe.
But if they'd take the time to know a person of true faith,
Both sides might find surprising common ground to navigate.

The Scholar, wise and learned, their knowledge vast and deep,
Can lose their audience in the whirl of facts they heap.
For changing lifelong beliefs is not a swift affair,
It takes time, trust, and conversations shared with gentle care.

The Peacemaker shines a beacon of hope amidst the fray,
Defusing tense encounters with words of peace, they sway.
Through kindness and humility, they foster dialogue,
Encouraging understanding, breaking through the fog.

In this world of holy trollers, a choice we all must make,
To be a voice of peace and love or strife and heartache break.
As conversations turn to faith, both online and face to face,
Will you be a peacemaker or a brawler in God's eternal chase?

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