A Haven from the Chaos

In the realm of digital debate, where words may oft collide,
A weary soul seeks solace, a place where truth abides.
A journey to redemption, a path away from strife,
They found the warmth of a Gospel church, a sanctuary for life.

At the local church, a humble pew, their refuge from the storm,
A haven from the chaos, where fractured hearts transform.
In sacred space, they'd learn and grow, with wisdom to be sought,
They'd lay down arms of argument, embracing what was taught.

The saints' sweet company, a balm for wounds unseen,
A congregation gathered, where love and faith convene.
No longer burdened by the need to prove or to defend,
In worship and communion, their spirit starts to mend.

Let whispers echo through the net, opinions swirling free,
For in the heart of Gospel's light, they've found tranquility.
The weary debater rests, their soul renewed and whole,
Embracing life and fellowship, a healed and humbled soul.

Topics: Brandan's Poetry
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