No Task Too Small to Bear

In humble works and mighty deeds,
The Lord's hand we shall find,
A shepherd's staff, a stone and sling,
Show strength of heart and mind.

Four hundred years of bondage long,
A nation set to roam,
By God's own will and guiding hand,
He led His children home.

A giant slain, a nation saved,
In humble tools we trust,
Eleven men, so plain and true,
Turned worldly ways to dust.

Though little tasks seem small at first,
In them God's grace is shown,
For when He works within our hearts,
His love and truth are known.

To teach the children, tend the flock,
Or witness to just one,
These humble works of faith and love,
Are precious in His sight.

Let us not seek to be the great,
In worldly eyes alone,
But in the humble works we do,
Our love for Him is shown.

Content were Moses, David, Joseph,
In their given place,
With joy and zeal they served the Lord,
And found His boundless grace.

So let us sweep the floor with pride,
And serve where He ordains,
For in these humble, loving tasks,
His purpose still remains.

And when our time on Earth is done,
May He accept our plea,
That in the smallest acts of love,
His hand was guiding me.

For faithful servants we must be,
No task too small to bear,
"Lord, what would you have me to do?"
We ask in earnest prayer.

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