Hell: Perfect Justice

Mark 9:47-48 "And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than two eyes to be thrown into hell 'where their word does not die and their fire is not quenched'"

    For those who would inquire about the doctrine of Hell, it is not my intention here to do an exhaustive presentation. Amongst the faithful there have been numerous views on the eternal destiny of the wicked. While many stray far from the biblical testimony, and some of those hold nearly no resemblance to anything taught by Scripture, there remains an ongoing debate about this topic that can be held in brotherly love and mutual affection for each other and for the witness of the Gospel.
    My desire here is simply to offer a thought about the traditional view held within orthodox churches, commonly referred to as Eternal Conscious Torment (or ECT). In recent months I have had numerous discussions with various individuals that have evidenced one glaring thing among today's faithful. Few people care what Scripture teaches on this topic, and fewer still actually go to the text to support their view. Emotionalism is the foundation of much of the discussion. Folks rail and rave about this view and that being abominable, unjust, evil, or foolish. The conversation on this topic seems even more toxic than the fumes from Gehenna itself. I have no intention (or ability) to put to bed these animosities. I would only like to encourage the brethren and stimulate thought on this important doctrine. 
    Wherever you fall on the doctrine of Hell my questions is simple, does it honor Christ? Does it rob Christ of His glory, of His perfection, in the completion of His work for His people? Does it honor scripture? Are you taking seriously all that scripture teaches on the justice and wrath of God against sin? Are you choosing some verses and holding to them or are you looking at the complete witness of the Word of God? 
    So often this conversation boils down to "would God do...". How could we answer that question without looking at who He is, at what He has done, at what He says about Himself. For some, they focus the discussion on their own feelings, their own standards, their own image. Remember that He is Holy. The scriptures call Him holy, holy, holy. The thrice holy God will have His vengeance against sin and enact perfect justice. The Scriptures are replete with declarations of God's perfect righteousness. The Judge of the whole Earth always does right. Who better to teach us true justice than Him? 
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