Not with Eloquence or Worldly Guise

In a time when hearts are weary,
And the church seeks truth anew,
Let us turn to plain, Bible preaching,
For the answers that we pursue.

In the days of ancient Corinth,
Paul was conscious of the need,
To speak truth without adornment,
To the people he sought to feed.

"I came not with worldly wisdom,
Or enticing words of man's kind,
But with Spirit and God's own power,
To enlighten your heart and mind."

For the wisdom of man is fleeting,
And the words may sway, but deceive,
Yet the power of God is eternal,
In His word, we learn to believe.

Debating and arguing matters,
Cannot strengthen our faith to stand,
But a preacher imbued with the Spirit,
Leads us to God's gracious hand.

Let our faith not rest on persuasion,
But the truth that the Scriptures impart,
For a faith built on God's foundation,
Stands firm in the depths of our heart.

In the story of the Samaritan woman,
Her words to the people she brought,
They believed not just by her telling,
But by hearing the Master they sought.

So like Paul, we preach with conviction,
Not with eloquence or worldly guise,
But with Spirit and God's holy power,
In His word, true salvation lies.

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