Our Church's Great Lack

In this sacred space, we yearn and pray,
For God's Holy Spirit to guide our way,
As we gather in pews, hands held in grace,
We seek the Lord to brighten this place.

In whispers and murmurs, we propose,
A change in the order, new ways to compose,
But we find ourselves lost, for it's not in the scheme,
That our hearts will be filled and our souls redeemed.

The preachers and elders, our leaders so dear,
Could be vessels of change, if the Spirit were near,
No alterations needed, no drastic reform,
With God's loving presence, our faith is reformed.

For our church's great lack, we must realize,
Lies not in the people or rituals we devise,
But in our need for the Spirit, to touch our hearts,
And fill us with power, His love to impart.

No fault could impede, no error constrain,
The progress of faith, when the Spirit remains,
The Lord God's presence, our eternal quest,
Shall make us complete, and forever blessed.

So let us unite, in fervent plea,
For the Holy Spirit, to set us free,
In our churches and lives, let His presence dwell,
All we need is the Spirit, and all shall be well.

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