Patience in All Things
"But if we hope for what we do not see, we await for it with patience." - Romans 8:25
    The passages in scripture that talk about patience could hardly be numbered. We see the consistent exhortation to be patient, to trust in the Lord, and how men of faith have been patient and seen reward in redemptive history. Biblical patience has essential components which separate it from worldly waiting. 
    Who of us could wait seven years for our betrothed? (Gen 18:20) Who of us could sojourn for thirteen years in slavery and prison? (Gen 38-41) Who could give up a child to service and wait to see them only once a year?(1 Sam 1:21-28) How would any of us could be on the run from the government for years, hiding in the wilderness, and still never act against those pursuing us? These are only a few examples of the saints that walked before us, and many of them are in plights we find ourselves in today. We wait for a spouse, wait for children, wait for freedom, and even sometimes wait for peace.
    God uses these times of trial to grow us, first and foremost in faith. By stretching out our expectations He forces us to lean solely on Him or crumble under the weight of the trial. Leading us back evermore to the font of His grace and peace, He causes us to rest in Him and believe in His promises for us. In these moments we are prepared for more that is to come, but we are also strengthened in our resolve over what has come before. When David slew Goliath he saw how God will fell even the mightiest enemy. One can see that strength of resolve later in his life as he runs from Saul, but fearlessly knowing that He is safe so long as the Lord is with him. 
    Patience is active. In being patient we are not simply waiting, but hopeful and expectant. We know that the Judge of the whole earth will do right. Our rest is not complacent or stagnant, it is a moving part of who we are. That patience is a deep strength that weathers the toughest storms. With it, we know that help and rest waits for us. It is not a lack of doubt but a presence of trust and hope. There is a comfort amidst the fear that calms us. Waiting, for the world, is just a hope and a guess. They want something to happen, even plan and prepare for it to happen, but they have no surety. Ours, as Paul says, is a greater hope.
    The Holy Spirit is called the Paracletus by Christ, translated as the comforter. This is Latin, Com Forte meaning 'with strength'. He comes not only to give us peace and rest but to give us hope and strength for the battles and trials ahead. God is mighty in battle, a strong tower, a raging fire, a blinding light, a whirlwind on the open sea. Those opposed to the purpose and will of God ought to tremble, not those of us who seek righteousness in the earth. We love because we know that no evil done against us will prosper. We give because we shall never lack, not even when all is taken from us. Ours is the firm and solid rock of Christ Himself, the King of Kings! He is sovereign above ALL THINGS, and with that confidence we shall know no fear.
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