The Freedom!

John 8:32 “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”

John 8:36 “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”

     It is freedom that only a believer would understand, embrace and long for perfectly. That, of course won’t be accomplished until Glory when we will be freed from this body of death, but here, now, if we know and believe the truth by faith we are free.

     If we have the Son we are:

Free from the law as a covenant of works
Free from slavery to sin
Free from the yoke and bondage of sin
Free from the power and dominion of sin
Free from guilt
Free from condemnation
Free from punishment
Free from believing lies
Free from the darkness
Free from bondage unto fear

     If we have the Son we are:

Free to love Him because He first loved us
Free to love the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Free to worship in Spirit and in Truth
Free to come to the throne boldly
Free to live unto righteousness
Free to walk in the light
Free to have peace with God
Free to serve in newness of spirit
Free to praise and trust Him
Free to rejoice in our election unto eternal life
Free to love the Word
Free to love the brethren

     There is so much more, I hope you think on it! If you read here at all you know by now that my theme is always the same. I hope that it isn’t boring to you, this theme. It is our very life, this life we now live in Christ. I don’t ever, by His Grace, want the Gospel of Christ to become commonplace in my thoughts. 

     Calvin says this “the Gospel restores us to freedom. This is an invaluable blessing. Hence it follows, that nothing is more excellent or desirable than the knowledge of the Gospel. All men feel and acknowledge that slavery is a very wretched state; and since the Gospel delivers us from it, it follows that we derive from the Gospel the treasure of a blessed life.

     Free indeed, what a treasure this blessed life!

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