Access to God

     The only way of access to God is through the risen Christ and based on the merits of His obedience unto death as Substitute and Surety of His people. The only way of access to Christ is by the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit to reveal Him in His glorious Person and finished work of redemption to make reconciliation for the sins of His people and to establish a righteousness that enables God to be just and Justifier of the ungodly. It is required of men to believe the Gospel, not as a condition they must meet to attain or maintain salvation, but as the God-ordained means to lay hold of Christ who by Himself has met all conditions for salvation by His substitutionary obedience unto death. God the Holy Spirit is the sovereign Agent in the new birth;  the Gospel is the God-ordained instrument and faith is the God-appointed and God-given means. Faith is the link to connect the soul to Christ in order that believing sinners might come to Him Who justifies the ungodly based on the blood and imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. The Gospel reveals a complete satisfaction to both God’s law and justice by Christ, the only Substitute, Representative, and Surety. It is upon this ground that God justifies, receives, and accepts sinners. It is through the blood of Jesus Christ that we have free and unhindered access to God (Hebrews 10:19-22).

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