It's Not Easy to Preach the Gospel of Free Grace

     It is not easy to preach the gospel of free grace because by nature we are prone to get bound by a system. It is very easy to get bound to a creed or a system or denominational guidelines, and then try to make God's Word fit that system, fit that creed, or fit those guidelines. We begin to hunt what we already believe in the Bible, and that is dangerous. I've heard many Arminian preachers tremble lest they go an inch beyond John Wesley, or an inch beyond Arminius, or an inch beyond some other famous free-will preacher. Then I've heard some Calvinists, some sovereign grace preachers, who speak as if John Calvin were the final authority. Well, these men are not the final authority.... It is time that the Scripture becomes our final authority.... We are to seek to preach the Word of God -- not what Baptists believe; the Word of God, not what Calvinists believe.... I really don't know any difference in what they call high doctrine and low doctrine. I read these statements, "That's high doctrine -- that's low doctrine." Well, if God's Word teaches it that's enough; and if God's Word doesn't teach it, let's do away with it.

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