For Those Who Preach

     We may encourage one another and renew our determination to preach the gospel of God's sovereign grace by remembering that the power of God always accompanies the preaching of THE GOSPEL OF HIS GLORY when done in the spirit of Christ! All true revivals and seasons of blessings have followed upon the preaching of the doctrines of grace, sovereignty, election, the effectual atonement of our Lord, and "that whole mountain range of truth upon which Jehovah sits enthroned." GOD HONORS THE PREACHING THAT HONORS HIM! Bro. Gambrill once said, "There is too much milk-sop preaching these days, trying to coax sinners to enter a truce with God, quit sinning, and join the church. The situation DOES NOT CALL FOR A TRUCE, BUT FOR A SURRENDER!" Let every preacher and pastor and elder bring out the heavy artillery and confront this proud generation of religionists with Isaiah's three-fold message of evangelism:

  1. All flesh is grass
  2. The word of our God shall stand forever, and 
  3. Behold your God! (Isa. 40:6-9). It may be that our sovereign God will be pleased to "revive His work during our years."
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