An Interesting Question

     Here is an interesting question asked by a friend during my meeting in Lake City, Florida. "Why is it that when people discuss Bible doctrine or spiritual matters they have a tendency to grow angry when others do not agree with them on every point?" We can discuss, agree, disagree, and even debate almost any subject and still keep our composure; but, when our religious beliefs and doctrinal points are questioned, we get red in the face, raise our voices, and condemn our adversary to the pits of ignorance and condemnation. This is surprising since every believer should be the first to admit that we all see through a glass dimly, only know in part and preach and teach in part. We really know nothing as we ought to know and are not sufficient to think anything for ourselves!

    Also, we are taught of our Lord to endeavor to keep a unity of spirit in the brotherhood and to look not on our own things but the things of others. Besides being exhorted to love one another as Christ loved us and to be tender hearted forgiving one another as God, for Christ sake, forgave us. This spirit of anger and division over minor differences can only be traced to two things and these are the greatest evils that can be charged to a believer – pride and self-righteousness!! My pride tells me that I am right and others are wrong. My self-righteousness tells me that I have a right to be offended when someone takes issue with such a wise, dedicated, orthodox defender of the faith as I am. If Peter can be so wrong about the Gentiles; if Paul can be so wrong about John Mark; if David can make so many wrong moves; I suppose it is highly possible that I could be mistaken on some issues. Let us be established on the Rock, Christ Jesus and endeavor together to grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ Jesus.

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