Separated Unto The Gospel
Romans 1:1

"Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an Apostle, separated unto the gospel of God." Romans 1:1

     I suppose the only preacher who ever really deserved a title refused to take one. He shunned the praise of men and fleshly recognition. It was not Rev. Paul, or Dr. Paul, or Bishop Paul, or even the Apostle Paul – just Paul! The greatest man born of woman identified himself as only a voice in the wilderness. The angel of Patmos rebuked John for paying undue homage to him, saying, "Worship God!"

     Paul considered himself only a bond-servant of Jesus Christ and felt that to be recognition enough and fit credentials to entitle him to be heard, but he added, "I am called to be an apostle." I did not take this responsibility upon myself – God put me in the ministry and I am separated unto the gospel. I will leave others to set in order the many ills of this world, to organize governments and correct the life-style of unbelievers my message is "Christ and Him crucified." it is true that the preacher of the gospel must eat and drink, his family must be supported, and he has expenses just as other men; but the man who is separated unto the gospel will live by that gospel.

     When any opportunity, investment, or carnal duty creeps in and takes his precious time from the study and preaching of the gospel – it must go! When any association, relationship or social contact tries to build a fellowship on any other foundation than Christ – it must go! When he is tempted to demonstrate his knowledge of history, psychology, prophecy, personal counselling and politics, he must be wise enough to say, "Get thee behind me, Satan, for I am separated unto the gospel. I know how you hate the gospel of redeeming grace. I know how you will corrupt even the preacher's mind from the simplicity of Christ. I will not be deceived by your praise or by your offers of recognition or your offers of great power, or your offers of security in old age or your warnings of failure, persecution and loneliness. Which of the prophets have not religious men persecuted? I will be true to the gospel of substitution for I am separated unto the gospel.

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