Pristine Grace

Flee the Wrath to Come!
by Scott Price
Flee the Wrath to Come!

    As believers we are always careful to do  good works out of the proper motive and not a fear of punishment or a promise of reward. We obey out of the spirit of adoption and grace, willingly. We start out our spiritual life the first day we are regenerated and converted, by means of the gospel, a fully sanctified (a saint, or one set apart) , adopted child of God. We are entitled to all spiritual blessings  "in Christ Jesus"  because of the work He did for us. We have no fear of ever of getting kicked out of God's heavenly kingdom. We have total assurance based on the complete work that Christ accomplished for His elect people, in establishing a perfect, everlasting robe of righteousness for each one of them. There is no condemnation for those that are accepted in Christ. Peace and joy abound for those who rest in His completed work.

    Before salvation it is quite a different story. There is no spiritual satisfaction, no peace, no assurance, and no clear conscience. We have the burden of the law which is the guilt of breaking the law, crushing us. We instinctively know the wrath of Almighty God is against us for offending Him. The holiness, righteousness, justice, and wrath of God are like a big hammer over our head. We have a trembling fear of punishment of God. The problem is we seek to find relief by trying to establish a righteousness of our own. This is the case UNTIL God reveals Christ in the gospel to us.

    We flee to Christ out of fear of punishment from the Father. This is the last time we fear punishment because when we flee FROM the wrath of the Father we flee TO Christ to find shelter and refuge from the great storm of wrath. Our fear of punishment now turns to a reverence, and awe of Him in His redemptive character. Some may say "Yes, but the bible says the goodness of God leads us to repentance" and they are right. God points us to Christ and His work of redemption and righteousness which is the goodness of God.

    If you are not converted you better be very afraid. But you will only be in more trouble with Him if you try to merit salvation in some way by what you do. Run for cover! The merit of the atonement of Christ, His righteousness established and given to the believer by imputation is that covering. Flee to Him alone.