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Did the Reformers Really Follow the Bible and Not the Papacy?
by Ed Vrell
Did the Reformers Really Follow the Bible and Not the Papacy?
Roman Catholic Church The Reformers / Baptist
1.  Authority in the Pope & Councils

1.  Authority in Tradition & Councils

2.  Salvation through 7 Sacraments 2.  Salvation in only 2 Sacraments
3.  To God by priest 3. To God by pastors or priests, Elders-three stage offices
4.  Christ dies at Mass. 4.  Still debated or a timeless death.  Now they have Mass and Forensic nonsense.
5.  Earn Forgiveness of sin. 5.  Earn your election.
6.  Works keep one saved. 6.  Pharisees still dominate salvation.
7.  Purgatory finishes the sin debt. 7.  Suffering pays for your guilt.
8.  The "Hierarchy" is church.  Sabbatarians. 8.  Presbytery runs the assembly.  Sabbatarians.
10.  Pop is infallible.  Infallible Vulgate. 10.  Calvin, Scofield, etc, are infallible.  Infallible Vulgate - KJV.
11.  Saints are Super Christians. 11.  Second Blessing-ites are Super Christians; Saved by freewill, perfected by Calvinism.
12.  Pray to Mary & Saints 12.  On the increase among Protestants; Luther defended image-use, crosses, etc.
13.  Priests must be celibate. 13.  Some ministers are divorced or polygamous or homosexuals and/or celibate.
14.  Eat Jesus, Transubstantiation closed communion. 14.  Eat Jesus, Consubstantiation or "spiritual" closed communion.
15.  Priests class 15. Priest, clergy class, Laity are stupid.  Dictator-Elders.
16.  Mariolatry 16.  Protestants are returning to this and Feminism.
17.  Mary died on the cross for sin to avoid Jesus' Appeasement.

A.  State-church murders

B. Platonic and Greek Philosophy Now Thomism
17.  Jesus did NOT die for appeasing God's wrath.

A.  State-church murders

B.Augustinian Platonism Now Unitarian
18.  Outside RCC; no salvation 18.  Outside Ecumenism or "my" church there is no salvation.
19.  The Magisterium 19.  Notes by your favorite theologian
20.  Trichotomy 20.  Trichotomous Gnosticism