Pristine Grace

The Simple Concept of Grace
by Scott Price
The Simple Concept of Grace

"For by grace are you saved...." Ephesians 2:8a

    Grace is the most perverted concept in the world. Most people who use the word "grace" have no clue what it really means. Those who twist the meaning of grace and use God's name in the process are actually taking the LORD'S name in vain. They have defined grace in a way that satisfies their sinful lust of self righteous religious pride that they brag about. The bottom line is, false religion has redefined their brand of grace by mixing works with it. They believe that salvation is what God helps them to do, which in the end is salvation conditioned or based on the work of the sinner. That is the theme of the false gospel. In relation to all that has been said thus far, God does NOT use a false gospel to convert His people. In other words, and let me be perfectly clear here, that those who believe the false gospel of salvation conditioned on the sinner, are lost, unregenerate, and in need of salvation.

    The real definition of grace is salvation conditioned or based on the saving merits of Christ alone. This is quite simple and is the whole message of the Bible, specifically the gospel. It is not surprising that the Scripture calls the gospel the "gospel of the grace of God" in Acts 20:24. Grace is so specific in the Scripture that God sets up guards and warnings against perverting grace. God's word says that if works are added to grace then grace simply is not grace anymore (see Romans 11:6). Therefore grace must remain pure and untainted by the hands or works of man. Salvation is "of the LORD" thus saith the LORD in Jonah 2:9. The God of the Scripture "who cannot lie" has said this. In the eternal covenant of grace God the Father said He has sworn about this idea of salvation being by grace, in that He promised that all of salvation would be totally conditioned of Christ, the eternal High Priest and only Mediator (Psalm 110:1-4, Hebrews 6:17-20).

    Grace is love in action! God sent Christ down from Heaven. He was born in the womb of a virgin where He took on a sinless human nature. He obeyed, honored, and magnified the holy law and then paid the penalty of that same law that was broken by His people. He died as a Representitive and Substute in the very place of the elect to satisfy all the demands of law and justice that cursed them. This was done by the Father imputing the sin of the elect to Christ. Christ reconciled the elect to the Father by His perfect sacrifice He offered to God in the place of His elect people whom He loved. When all is said and done, Christ brought in an everlasting righteousness that is imputed to the elect, which puts them in a state of justification wherein sin cannot be imputed and the law cannot condemn them ever again.

    Now, how can people pervert such a wise and perfectly glorious salvation into a salvation wherein man can brag of his own work, way, and will? Without the regenerating Spirit of God, man is spiritually dead and in opposition to God's work, way of salvation by grace alone. But grace goes further and God's Spirit indwells and reveals. God then shows the elect what grace is. They are made to know and experience grace. Now they know the voice of a stranger and do not follow it but rather follow the voice of Christ the Shepherd. Grace is effective, always.