Pristine Grace

     Hello, the web hosting and software fees for Pristine Grace is about $700.00 a year.  We are thinking of upgrading our software for the forum to make it responsive for mobile devices and move away from the Vbulletin Platform.  It's not urgent, but something that should probably happen within the next few years. This will cost about 700 dollars.   At one time we had monthly expenses of about 50 dollars for our webex meetings.  Also, we've been thinking of adding chat stack to allow for instant communication with our team.

      So as you can see our expenses aren't too bad.  I can handle most of these expenses and I don't need a donation from you.  However, I make this donation option available to you if you'd like to help out and support this ministry.  I certainly don't expect it.  If you'd rather give to someone else, I can recommend some other ministries that I do and am glad to support.   Any donations you make to Pristine Grace are not tax deductible because I haven't turned this website into an IRS 501(c)(3) compliant organization and I have no future plans to do so.  Many thanks! - Brandan