Pristine Grace

Once Lived a Man
by John Pedersen

June 1, 2016

Once lived a man who (so he thought) 
Was loved of God, for this: 
He was not perfect, (though this he sought)
But had some righteousness. 

Indeed, this man would say he sinned, 
But not too much, or often;
Not the same sin days on end, 
And if sins came, he stopped them! 

This man did hope thus in himself, 
In his ways and performance,
And though he spoke of grace, and help,
His peace came in conformance.

He was no pagan; no indeed! 
He called himself a Christian! 
Reformed subscriber to the creed; 
A sovereign grace confession!  

“God”, said he, “would ne’er allow 
“His own to sin too badly;
“True Christians sin, but never bow,
“To gross transgressions, madly!” 

Thus the man did preen and boast, 
Until he died, and found, 
The sin of sins God hates the most, 
Was his real peace, and ground.