Pristine Grace

Two Sons
Two Ways
by John Pedersen

Two sons had father Abraham,
Born in his family;
One was by the bondwoman, 
The other, by the free:

The slave-born son by Hagar,
Conceived by natural function; 
Sarah’s son, the free-born, 
By Holy Spirit’s unction.

Two symbols these, the slave and free,
They represent two ways:
Hagar: Sinai’s strict decree,
And Sarah: God’s free grace.

Hagar and her progeny 
Are slaves to natural strength;
Bound under law’s demand and curse,
Short justice’ breadth and length;

They speak of grace, forgiveness too,
But always on condition: 
Salvation based on what you do; 
God’s plan, but man’s rendition.

Sarah’s children have no chains, 
They see law’s true demand; 
They know the good the law constrains,
Cannot come from their hand.

By God’s power, Sarah’s own
Find all their life in Him;
His law keeping, victory won,
Is all their thanks, and hymn.

The slave and free are worlds apart, 
Between them no love grows; 
Isaac was hated from the start,
As every Isaac knows.