Pristine Grace

I Am Holy and Righteous in Christ
by James Guyo
I Am Holy and Righteous in Christ

     The gospel is the scandal and Rock of offense and sinners have to stumble on it. God has designed it that way. 

     And that is why people stutter when it comes to the function of the Law. They keep claiming that which they know cannot do because of indwelling sin. 

     The fallen(sinners) by nature want to do stuff and that to say we want to earn our keep.

     Unfortunately and fortunately,  God does not work like that.

     You can't earn what God only gives freely. Salvation can only be given by grace and that means freely or without a cause in the sinner. That really is disabling to the self righteous. 

     And I am glad that God saves me freely and chose me in spite of my foolishness and deems me righteous on account of another, that is called Jesus Christ.

     That is the scandal of this message.

     So then, how did James become a saint and righteous?

     Not by the good works that I have done or anything found in me. 

     But by the grace of God in Christ this man has been healed of all his infirmities and has been caused to see and is found holy and without any blame.

     Yes, I am a holy and righteous man. It is all about in whom God has placed me. He has put me in Christ who has become my wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption. 

     Many pulpits are staggering like drunken men because of the foolishness of this message and so do the pews.

     Just wait and hear what they shall be talking about tomorrow. They will be talking about the sinner and how they need to do better.

     The cross is always assumed in these places, but is never expounded for the glory that it is. 

     So, many are drunk on the wine of works and they call it grace and it is not looking good.

     Repent and believe that Jesus alone accomplished and finished salvation and that is what God would have you to put your confidence in. 

     Amen and this is free!