Pristine Grace

Only One Thing Worthwhile
by Mike Loveless
Only One Thing Worthwhile

     In this world RIGHT NOW (with all we see around us), ... there is really only one thing worthwhile going on!  

     The quickening of our Lord's lost sheep, ... one foreordained lamb at a time!   All the rest is simply supportive to THAT end.  Through all of the high-drama, political scrambling, wars and weddings, .... Our Lord's real focus is making known to His own what He had determined to do for them (and finished completely at the cross) from before the world began.

     Esau is STILL serving Jacob by God's great design and plan, ... and His promise is STILL going forward in unfailing power!

     What ever else we feel, see everywhere around us, and has our immediate attention, KNOW that all things promised are worked together for Christ's sake as He has mercy on the sons of Jacob in our day!  Because HE CHANGES NOT therefore they are not consumed, and will EACH come to the final FULL knowledge of the TRUTH!

     That Truth IS the Lord Jesus Christ and what He completed at Calvary!