Pristine Grace

No One Goes to Heaven Because They are Good
by John Pedersen
No One Goes to Heaven Because They are Good

     According to popular evangelical religion, God loves you and desperately desires to save you, but is powerless to do so unless you give him permission by your "free will". 

     According to popular evangelicalism, many people, myriads of people, will be lost, will perish in eternal judgment, BUT this will not be for any lack of love on God's part. 

     The fact people go to hell will not be for any lack of desire on God's part to save them. Rather, it will be on account of the fact they chose to reject God's offer to grant them salvation and chose to reject the "opportunity" they had to accept the love He has for them and everyone else. 

     So, according to popular evangelicalism, God's love is a given and a constant. It is as ubiquitous and universal to mankind as the air we breathe. What distinguishes people is NOT the love of God, but instead what people CHOOSE to do with the love of God. 

     What this means is simply this: God's love is not the reason anyone is saved. The reason is not the love of God, but what man chooses to do with it.

     So a person goes to Heaven NOT because of anything God has done for him (for God, according to popular Evangelicalism, has done the same for everybody: He loves all the same, and Jesus died for all mankind, head for head, when He died on the cross); rather, a person goes to Heaven because of what the person does for God, i.e., by "allowing" God to save him through an act of his "free will". 

     Only the "good choosers" go to Heaven. To put it in other words, only people with the moral discrimination to recognize the rightness, the goodness, the eternal advantage of choosing Jesus will inherit eternal life. Others, equally loved by God, will perish, because they did not see what the "good choosers" saw, or, seeing it, chose to "have a good time" or "reject Christ", instead. 

     Popular evangelical religion, with its  "praise choruses", hand clapping, heart warming illustrations, and enjoyable, coffee cake "fellowship", isn't Christianity at all. It is a cleverly disguised false religion of self-righteousness. 

     It is false religion based on a false doctrine, namely, that people go to Heaven because they are good. they go to heaven because they love God, not because God loves them (for God, according to this false religion, loves everybody).

     It is a false religion wherein people are rewarded with forgiveness because they are forgivable. 

     No one goes to Heaven because they are good. All who go to Heaven are brought there by the goodness, obedience, righteousness, and effectual work of the Lord Jesus Christ, who saves each and every one of those He loves, and Whose love is not a "love" of sentimental expression, but a love in deed and in truth.