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What Gospel Are You Hearing?
by Laurie Bernardini
What Gospel Are You Hearing?

    I am a sinner. I am NOT any better than any other sinner. I have been set apart by God, made 'righteous' because of Another's finished satisfactory work. God is too holy to look upon sin, He only sees the blood of Christ, the finished work of His Son concerning His elect.

    The Lord chose to love me, to save me, to grant me life everlasting...why? Is it because I am such a 'good' person? Is it because I may perform acts of kindness, or give to those in need? Is it because I was 'sprinkled' as a child in the dead religion of Lutheran beliefs? No, no, and NO! NOTHING we do can appease God, He is NOT like His created beings. His thoughts are not like ours, His ways are far from being close to our ways. He is pure, He is undefiled, He is thrice holy. He will never accept any work of a sinner as a means of salvation.

    God has foreordained  a people for Himself that He will save, the Son was the only acceptable sacrifice for their sins. The Spirit quickens, teaches and empowers. Why do you think you have a role in that? Only those given ears to hear will discern truth.

    I boast in CHRIST, I rest in Him, and I wait for a Savior from heaven....and I did NOTHING to deserve such a blessed gift. I did NOT 'invite' Him into my heart, I didn't make any silly decisions, exercise any 'free will' because my will is tainted by sin, I am not part of a phony covenant with my parents that is based on infant baptism or any other man made lie that promises eternal life yet doesn't save.

    It is sovereign grace alone that saves a sinner, it is the Gospel of Christ that points only to Him that has power to save. What Gospel are you hearing?

    Many are called, few are chosen - the way is narrow. Why? Because the true Gospel offends the pride of man, the true Gospel will have none of man's help. The true Gospel is all about Jesus, what He has done, His righteousness, His shed blood, securing completely the salvation of His people. He WILL save His people from their sins. And all God's elect say hallelujah and amen.