Pristine Grace

He is a Victorious Savior
by Mikal Smith
He is a Victorious Savior

"I  will be surety for him: If I bring him not unto thee, and set him before thee, then let me bear the blame for ever"Gen 43:9

    Judah made a pledge to be Benjamin's surety. To make the guarantee that he would bring the beloved son back to the father. 

    This is a physical type of the eternal spiritual reality! The Father had a people he loved and gave to Christ, and Christ promised in the eternal covenant that he would be the surety for all of them. (John 6; John 17 ) If Jesus does not accomplish all the Father sent him to do, if he does not bring back everyone that the Father gave him, if he does not save his people from their sins, he will bear the blame forever. Christ will be to blame for any, for whom he died, not being returned to the Father! 

    Praise God, he has not lost one! (John 17) He has saved HIS PEOPLE and kept his promise! What a glorious Savior! His death was effectual, for it could not have allowed one to be lost, lest he fail as the surety, and have been charged with blame! 

    Dear child of grace, our Savior is NOT a weeping, begging, pleading savior who has only made salvation a possibility and whose hands are tied, awaiting acceptance and approval. NO NO NO.....He is a victorious savior, He has done all the Father has commanded and he has taken our sin, paid it's price, reconciled us to God, and has led us back to the Father. SAVED not savable, that is what you are! His righteousness was imputed to you and your sins was imputed to him. Everyone for whom the Surety has substituted for, has been freed and will be returned and you are complete in Him!!! Not lacking one thing at all! 

    Praise God for Sovereign Grace and our Lord Jesus for his Effectual Atonement!!!!

    Bro Mikal