Pristine Grace

Response to Lordship Salvation
by David Alvord

     I recently heard two snippets of John MacAurther's "grace to you" sermons.  He addressed those who say "But John, by requiring Lordship you are denying grace"  and he replies from Corinthians "No one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit".  But I say there are plenty of people who say I'm going to make Jesus my Lord by determining to obey His laws, recommiting my life, and digging in.  This is much different than realizing Jesus is Lord of salvation.  One requires fleshly motivation while the other requires a miracle.

     The other sermon heavily quoted verses on repentence.  But there are many who can and do repent from doing sinful things.  Repentance is a good thing if done for the right reasons.  But that misses the point.  Holy Spirit wrought repentance reveals that "life-style" repentance profits for a little but that imputed righteousness is what matters.  You can say that Holy Spirit wrought repentance causes Lordship Salvation followers to repent of their repentance.