Pristine Grace

Pride Is One Great Cause of Unbelief
by Henry Mahan

     Pride is one great cause of unbelief. This is the influence of Satan, who, being lifted up with pride, fell into eternal condemnation. By pride he ruined us at first; “Ye shall be as gods,” he said; and by pride he still keeps men under His power. The pride in the hearts of sinners stands directly opposed to SALVATION BY GRACE! God will give life freely in Christ, but the proud sinner prefers to merit and deserve it; God will have eternal life to be ALL OF GRACE (that no flesh should glory in His presence), but the sinner wants it to be of his works that he might have some glory.

     Men will put themselves in monasteries, go to the mission fields, keep holy days, count beads, afflict their bodies, go on pilgrimages, strive to keep laws, and do almost anything for pardon and salvation rather than receive eternal life as the gift of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Why? PRIDE! The pride of the human heart will try anything, no matter how difficult or demeaning, ratherthan bow before God as a sinner and be saved by His grace. Isn’t it strange that a naked beggar would rather clothe himself with filthy rags than to accept the beautiful, spotless robe of Christ by grace? Isn’t it strange that a condemned criminal would rather seek to prove his innocence than to accept a full and free pardon from the hand of the King? It is not strange when one knows the awful pride of the human heart! To be saved and justified freely by the doing and dying of another is a situation the proud human heart cannot understand nor agree to until the strength of that pride is broken by the almighty power of God.