Pristine Grace

by Eileen Beckett

This isn't about spiritual conversion, instead this is about an in bank sofware conversion that we are currently preparing for, scheduled to happen November 6th. I knew it would be hard, I never dreamed it would cause all of us this much stress that becomes more evident and pronounced as each day passes.

Basically, the above is how we are 'feeling' and yet as a Chrisitan I am called to walk by faith not by feelings, I don't think I am doing too well in that department. I have a hard time believing that I can do this or have the strength to do it and yet I believe that the Lord equips me for what He calls me to do. The full weight of my department has been put on my shoulders and I'm tired, crabby, teary and feeling the crush of this responsibilty.

I ask the Lord simply each night for help! He supplies all my needs in Christ Jesus and knowing that His mercy is new every morning supplies my hope!