Pristine Grace

Comforter of Mourners
by Eileen Beckett
Comforter of Mourners

That is what he was called, Hermann Friedrich Kohlbrugge, a comforter of mourners. I received an article in the mail that I tracked down with the help of a friend and so I thought I would share some of that article here. The article was written by Pieter de Vries and published in the Banner of Truth in 2001; still there lingers interest in this man. I doubt that anyone is truly interested besides myself but my interest has been heightened because in the little bit that I have read I too have been comforted!

It is noted that Kohlbrugge did not write a systematic theology and therefore was called an irregular theologian. We learn of his theology from the many sermons that he preached, ones that I wish that I could find translated into English, I’m still searching.

Pieter de Vries writes of Kohlbrugge….”His life was full of sorrows and disappointments and in his life we can see the truth of the apostolic principle: ‘Death works in me and life in you”. Kohlbrugge was a real comforter of mourners. He was a man who knew by experience that the Word of God is ‘the power of God unto salvation’, and so he ministered it to others."

It is written of his conversion that as he was preparing his very first sermon on the text of Romans 5:1-“Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”, it pleased the Lord to give him saving knowledge of Christ. Kohlbrugge himself has said that the Lord gave him faith and assurance just in one moment, “like the lightning of the thunder”. Speaking of his conversion Kohlbrugge testified this:

‘Power I have not to save myself; I found no power in myself to keep God’s commandments. No matter how much I tried to attain it, I found no power in myself to turn myself to God; no power to utter a single cry; no power to break with just one small sin, weak as the web of a spider or as a thread that has been perished; no power to resist the world and its indignity; and there where I was without power I have experienced that the Lord is the power of all his people…I have never been strong but in the Lord. Glad I have never been, but in the gladness of the Lord’

I can relate to the working of God in just one Scripture that so changes your life, He worked in me through Romans 4:5 “But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righeousness”. He never let me have peace in my own works and when He gave me full understanding of this verse, that too was when I finally had saving faith and full assurance and peace and was absolutely sure that what seemed contrary to all human experience was true, just as Abraham believed God, so did I and so did Kohlbrugge.