Pristine Grace

Wrest, Wrack and Torture!
by Eileen Beckett
Wrest, Wrack and Torture!

Ralph Venning (c. 1622-1674) A Nonconformist pastor and theologian. 

Draw not conclusions from other men’s principles and then say that they are their opinions. 

We may make the same complaint as David: “They wrest, torture and wrack my words.” Alas! Men set everything on hooks and stretch and twist every principle like a nose of wax. Alas! What a pity it is to see men invert and pervert one another’s words, and a length to draw such conclusions as would make one think they meant what they never meant!...So some mistook and misreported Paul as if he had said that we might do evil so good might come thereof (Romans 3:8). So the Jews despose that Christ said He would destroy the temple at Jerusalem in three days and raise it up again, when He spoke of His Body (Matthew 26:61; John 2:21). What words thus wrested and perverted may not be called heresy and (as they said of Christ’s words) blasphemy when, if taken as meant, and in their proper sense, they may be found very sound and consistent with truth?? 

Take heed therefore of…commenting upon another’s text.”