Pristine Grace

Heretic Hunters
by Richard Warmack

     It continues to amaze me how readily and quickly people (especially young believers) are to become "heretic hunters", throwing around and tagging individuals they have never even spoken to as "heretics". When you think about it, the word "heresy" is used only one time in the New Testament. The word translated "heresies" is used only 3 times. And the word translated "heretick" is used only ONE TIME. Yet I see it cast around on Facebook like it is one of the principle words in the Scripture. I seek to avoid and I do indeed mark those "which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned", but I only do so with great care and deliberation. In a public forum like Facebook, once an individual is tagged with that word "heretic", whether rightfully deserved or not, that "scarlet H" can't be easily overlooked or forgotten.