Pristine Grace

Justification and Faith
by Scott Price
Justification and FaithSinners are justified is by an imputed righteousness merited by the obedience and death of Christ for His elect. His elect will exercise God given faith in the only true Lord Christ and His gospel of grace. If a person trusts in something BESIDES the merits of the death of Christ for their salvation, they are NOT regenerate and have not exercised true God given faith. The death of Christ MUST MAKE THE ONLY SAVING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HEAVEN OR HELL OTHERWISE THERE IS NO SALVATION. This is pure grace without works. Believing this is evidence of true repentance from the deadly, deceiving sin of self righteousness.

    Christ, the object of faith is what matters, not the faith itself. We do not have faith in our faith! Faith merits NOTHING!! It only pleases God because faith's object, Christ and His merits please Him. Did faith die on the cross? Can faith satisfy God's holy law and justice? NO!!!!! We establish the law through faith as He established the law as a representative for God's people. Faith is only as good as it's object.

    If the object of someone's faith is a christ that died for all and the majority of those end up in Hell then that faith is sin. That is an insecure faith that trusts in a false christ who guarantees NOBODY'S SALVATION!!!! That christ is not a saviour but only a failure.