Pristine Grace

The Cross
by Henry Mahan

     When the Apostles declares that he will only glory in the THE CROSS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, he does not refer to the actual cross of wood on which our Lord died nor to crosses which adorn church property and hang from ears and necks. He refers to all that out Lord (in His person and work) IS, DID, and DOES to redeem His elect. THE CROSS IS A WORD WHICH STANDS FOR MANY WORDS! It is the atonement, the honoring of the law, the satisfying of justice, the righteousness of God the propitiation, substitution, satisfaction, salvation, eternal life, and the sure mercies of David.

The cross is DEATH, yet in it is life.
The cross is SHAME, yet God's greatest glory.
The cross is LOSS, yet infinite gain.
The cross is FOOLISHNESS, yet the wisdom of God.
The cross CONDEMNS, yet pardons in full.
The cross is JUSTICE, yet in it are mercy and love.
The cross is HUMILATION, yet by it He is exalted.
The cross is HELL, yet the open door to heaven.
The cross is in the PAST, yet determines our great future.

When from the dust of death I rise 
To take my dwelling in the skies,
Even then shall this be all my plea,