Pristine Grace

How Free Does it Have to Be to Call it Free?
by Scott Price
How Free Does it Have to Be to Call it Free?

    There are a few aspects of freedom that need to be investigated to see if we can even properly use the word free to describe them. First, there are those that claim they have a freewill. Should these people really use the word "free" when they describe their will? Can these people will to lift 100 tons over their head? Of course not. I know, that was a hard one. What about those that smoke? Can they quit smoking? Some end up starting back up smoking after years of smokeless life while others really do quit for good. Out of those that quit smoking for good, can they quit eating all processed sugar, hydrogenated oils, and any other man altered food item that does not seem good for them? Maybe they can and they have and maintain a 3% body fat ratio too. The important question is; can they quit sinning and start obeying God perfectly all the time? It is an obvious, resounding NO! They would just as soon be able to lift the 100 tons as they would stop sinning.

    If the will is to be labeled as free it must be absolutely free. The will must perform freely in any given situation all the time. Mankind just does not have that capability, especially when it comes to spiritual things. Mankind does have a will but it is not free since it is bound to his nature which is sinful. The Bible says; "There is none that understands, there is none that seeks after God" (Romans 3:11). Man in the state of his sin nature in unable to come to God by faith at anytime by the act of his so called freewill.

    Another aspect of freedom we want to examine is freedom from the law for those that are in the state of justification. In what sense are the God's people free from the law? They are absolutely free from the curse and condemnation of the law. For those who have been declared perfectly righteous by the imputation of the righteousness of Christ, are completely justified freely forever and as a result sin can never be charged to their account. This is the sense in which they are absolutely free from the law. The law was kept by their Representative, Christ, who kept the law perfectly, fulfilled it and satisfied the full, strict demands of justice by His obedience and death on the cross, putting away sin completely in their place.

    When God's people tell others about this glorious gospel, how that God FREELY forgives sinners by the merits of Christ alone, many seem willing to be forgiven. BUT they have a problem with being forgiven FREELY in an absolute sense. They always want to add what they think God would want; a freewill decision that will be their ground and cause of salvation. God will not have such nonsense!

    Do you see how these aspects of freedom are perverted and salvation is forfeited by bondage which is the opposite of freedom. Man's humanistic view of salvation is totally opposite from God's way of grace. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not ours by nature. Man is bound to a system of legalistic works for salvation until God sets him free by His marvelous grace to grant spiritual life, faith and repentance as free gifts. Salvation is by the free grace of God alone. Thank God for free and sovereign grace!