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An Altar?
by Scott Price
An Altar?

"We have an altar, whereof they have no right to eat which serve the tabernacle." Hebrews 13:10

    There is much talk in Protestant and Baptist churches today concerning an altar. Towards the end of their meeting they will have what is called an invitation with an "altar call". They claim that this altar is down front by the preacher. Somehow the mind set is that everything that is holy is down front; the "Reverend" who stands behind the pulpit (some call a holy desk but when they are not preaching they sit in their special throne chairs behind the pulpit), the table that the Lord's Supper is served on (using very shiny dishes to serve the elements with a fancy white cloth covering them), and this so called altar where people come to "get saved". I hope you can spot the sarcasm in my tone. These things are religious foolishness.

    The Bible speaks of an altar as an Old Testament item used in worship in relation to bloody sacrifices. Much of the New Testament, especially the book of Hebrews, warns us the altar and all other similar physical items are to be done away with (special furniture, shiny vessels, incense, candles, crosses, stained glass, robes, or any other thing that would make people feel religious and distract us from focusing on Christ). The Bible teaches that the way of Old Testament ceremonialism and formalism is to be done away with. Christ is the altar! He is the sacrifice! He is the ONLY priest! He is the Sabbath! He is the way, the truth, and the life! Look to Him and turns from the idols of religious relic worship. God's people worship Him in Spirit and truth.

    It has been said that Christ sacrificed His humanity on the altar of His deity. This is how satisfied the demands of God's law established a righteousness for the people He represented as High Priest. The sacrifice Christ made was final, never to be done again because of the success and the completeness of it. It is finished. The altar of false religion is still in use and is just one of many devices that Satan uses to keep people blind in their own self righteous deeds.